New World is a professional recording studio located in Laverton, VIC, featuring the best of both worlds: vintage analog and modern digital gear.
Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • We record all "in the box". That means that all audio is recorded digitally in WAV audio files straight in to the internal SSD  of the computer.

  • The software we use to record is the professional industry standard Pro Tools 12.8.2

  • After recording, an automatic backup is made in our external drive La Cie to ensure nothing get lost.

All mixes are done "in the box" however we use two controllers to make mixes faster and more dynamically:

  • Avid Artist Control

  • Avid Artist Mix

  • Presonus Studio 192 // Main audio interface

  • Universal Audio LA-610 // Channel Strip

  • Audient ASP880 // 8 channels expansion

  • Focusrite OctoPre MK2 // 8 channels expansion

  • Behringer Powerplay Pro XL // 4 Channel headphone amplifier

  • Mackie HR624 MK2 // Main monitors

  • Ollo Audio HPS S4 // Studio Headphones

  • AKG K141 // Headphones

  • AKG K52 x2// Headphones

  • Edifier  // Alternative, "commercial" monitors

  • Epiphone Les Paul Standard

  • Taylor Acoustic guitar 110e

  • Fender Acoustic CD100 NAT

  • Alesis V25 MIDI keyboard

  • Samick  LBM-10 4 strings bass guitar

  • Kala KA-15S Ukulele


Being a small studio means we don't have a big recording space. This allow us to select only a few standard industry microphones:

  • Shure SM57 // Dynamic // Cardioid 

  • AKG C414 XLS // Condenser // Multi-pattern

  • Behringer B2 Pro // Condenser // Multi-pattern

  • Shure PGA Studio Kit 4 // 1x PGA52 - 1x PGA57 - 2x PGA181

  • Sennheiser e604 2x // Dynamic // Cardioid 


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